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"Great night out with wife and kids. Can't wait to go back. Great food, friendly service, Great food, oh I said that. Come for the food, stay for the great service. Price was family friendly," - Bryan Beaulieu

"Went here on NYE. Had a great meal with fantastic service. They had a wine special and I think we paid about $40 for a decent bottle of cab. Had a special, a veal and an appetizer, salad and dessert. Didn't feel we overpaid at all for the quality of the food. Bartender let me sample some wine before we committed to buying the bottle. Had a great night out," - Dan Rehbein

"The food and service are excellent! I have never had a bad meal at Il Mito. Even my kids love it," - Nydia Mauras-Jones

"The food, service, and atmosphere at our brunch at IL MITO'S was outstanding! Looking forward to more great times there," - Neil Brunner

"Always an excellent meal with Chef Feker," - Raullo Earnes 

"Amazing dinner! Ravioli, lasagna, ceasar salad and creme brulee were all so very good," - Mary Bernstein

"Good service and good food also really friendly," - Rosy Alvarez

"Fantastic food, great atmosphere, and wonderful service. And that the have gluten free options is a nice bonus. Plus, for the quality, the prices are very reasonable. Highly recommended," - Alex Knight

"Absolutely adorable place. Had dinner in the garden. Enjoyed the seasonal sangria while sampling bruschetta and the stuffed mushrooms before ordering the veal for dinner. Now, let me preface this by saying the veal was VERY good especially topped with those marsala mushrooms, but my favorite part of the plate was the sauteed spinach! And to me that says a lot, cuz a) I'm not a big fan of spinach and b) for something so simple as the side sauteed spinach or even those fettuccine noodles to stand out tells me that the chef and this restaurant puts a lot of heart and soul into everything that goes out. This place is amazing and the staff is not only very inviting but knowledgeable as well. Thank you Luis for a wonderful dinner," - Angela Ruark

"As a first-timer to this restaurant, I am hooked. The Gluten Free menu was exceptional, the service was great and drinks were something to remember. I especially recommend the house cherry-infused vodka cosmo; those at my table described it as liquid candy," - Michael Creed

"Amazing dinner! Ravioli, lasagna, ceasar salad and creme brulee were all so very good," - Mary Bernstein

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